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That moment when you understand a universal lesson

You know that thing people say, “it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it”?

Today I could experience it vividly.

I woke up early and prepared to go the university where I do my masters. I currently live in a different city and it takes me 1 hour to reach uni. It’s fine, because it’s a beautiful way, but trains are not so frequent and I really have to coordinate everything well to be there in time after my bike-train-bus connection.

And so I did. After 1 hour trip, I got to the university, only to find out that there was no class.

I could have gotten angry and frustrated. Instead, I just thought, “well, I’m going to work from here and wait until the next class, which should start in 3 hours”.

So I went to the computer lab to finish a project. I followed through each step accurately but everytime I tried to run the simulation, I got an error message. Once again, I  could have gotten disappointed and annoyed. I could have kicked the computer and cursed the whole world. Instead, I wrote the teacher asking for a private session to solve the problems and moved on to the next assignment (it’s the end of the academic semester and we’ve got dozens).

I decided to go to the cafeteria, to buy a coffee and keep on working from a different environment. Got there, sat down, chose the coffee… no money. Not a single euro in my wallet. Well, I can always have a coffee at home. So I just kept working until the time of the next class.

I went to the building and met a few colleagues, but no teacher. After 15 minutes waiting, we realized that the teacher just wouldn’t come. So we decided to head home.

I ran to the bus station. I had 20 minutes to catch the next train to my city. But the station is just 10 minutes away, so of course I’d have enough time! No, the bus was late and I missed my train. I had to wait almost one hour for the next connection, which is a much slower train.

When I finally got to my city and went to catch my bike, it started raining.

I could have turned my head to the sky and asked, “are you kidding me?” I just didn’t. I was just fine. The rain was light and refreshing after a warm day.

I got home and found two messages on my mail box – of failed deliveries! But one thing that I had ordered did arrive! It was small enough to be put in the box! Happy as a child, I opened it… only to realise I had ordered the wrong one!

I went to the post office to collect the box that had been returned, but it still hadn’t arrived there.

It even sounds funny to read about this series of unfortunate events!

Today had the potential to be a so-called BAD DAY. It had everything to be considered a day of bad luck.

It just wasn’t because I didn’t allow it to be.

I was so happy inside that nothing of that affected me. Some days it does. Big time. Much minor things affect me so overwhelmingly!

But not today. Today I felt centered. I felt connected to my inner strength. Maybe because of my meditation practices, maybe for some other reason… I just felt shielded.

But even if it was just a patience test, I should still look for a deeper meaning in it.

What did I learn from it?

The lesson I’ve taken is to let go of trying to be in control of everything in my life, because most of the times things just don’t go as planned. And such expectations just generate frustration.

It’s a constant practice… to let go of the things I can’t change and let life flow more naturally.

To see the obstacles as detours in the right direction.

Because sometimes divine lessons come in odd forms! 

Being run over by a butane bottle and 4 lessons I learned from it

People die every day, we know that. And I’m not afraid of dying. I strongly believe that when my time has come, when I have accomplished whatever it is that I came to do in this world, I’ll go. And there’s no use in resisting or fearing it. It’s the only certainty we have in life, so we shouldn’t really put that much focus onto it.

But some things bring us closer to that reality, like the death of a dear one, a disease or an accident.

And that absurd accident (aren’t all accidents absurd?) that happened to me 2 days ago made me aware of how freaking fragile our lives are.