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Details: This super high quality program teaches people how to bring happiness, love and abundance to their lives. It has a unique "Lotus Flower Method" hook, which is a method that allows people to reach their goals and live their dreams. 

The author, Ana Terra, is a writer and coach, who has helped many people exterminate negativity from their lives and find their inner greatness. 

Product Name: Your Lotus Life

Website: http://www.yourlotuslife.com

Package Price: $29.95

Commission: 75% - Paid through Clickbank.

Visit www.clickbank.com to register for a new Clickbank account if you don't already have one. 

Affiliate Contact: andrew@unicapublications.com 

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Subject: Top secret method to turn failure into success

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Have you ever wondered why you're not living your dream life? 

Today I want to reveal the little known, but extremely effective “Lotus Flower Method” that is going to help you live your best life...

And become successful in whatever you decide to do!

Click the link below to get the full details:

=>Top Secret Method Revealed Here 

This method will work for ANYONE and has the power to get you back on track and start creating your dream life... 

Even if you're facing a difficult period in your life...

Even if you're having problemas in your affective life...

Even if you're totally broke and want to create a life of abundance and prosperity...

This quickfire method is going to break down the repetitive negative cycles, remove the fear, guilt and shame and and show you how to transform your life for the better! 


Follow this link to discover the easy way to live your best life:

==> Top secret method to transform your life for good  [YOUR LINK GOES HERE]

Just imagine falling deeply in love with yourself! 

==> Access the endless source of joy inside of you [YOUR LINK GOES HERE]  

See you soon,  

Your Name


 Subject: Wow, use this method to live a life better than you've ever dreamed of! 

Hi {!firstname_fix},

It’s not often I’m impressed but this program really made me say ‘wow’!

Did you realize that there is a secret method out there that is allowing people everywhere to find an endless source of happiness?

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This top secret method will literally force the negative thoughts out of your mind and set you free! 

… Without the hard work and struggle.

You’ll achieve your lifelong dream of feeling happy, beautiful and confident! 

==> Click here to discover this secret [YOUR LINK HERE]

I am talking about achieving something that most people only ever fantasize and dream about.

Imagine how it will feel when your friends and family realize that you've become a source of love and positivity in their lives! 

…Make your greatest dreams become a reality.

Kind regards,

Your Name


Subject: How to make your friends green with envy!

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Imagine what it would feel like to be at a party with all your friends…

And telling them that you’re actually the happiest person you know!

Seriously this could be you!

Even if you're not really into self-development books - this one will change the way you live your life!

==> Follow this link to learn to stay strong through life's challenges and create the life of your dreams! (Your Link Here)

This amazing program is so incredible that it literally puts your back on track in your life…

And that’s not even the best bit…

The best bit is that you can see the benefits in less than a week! 

Yes that’s right in just one week…

YOU could start creating a life you really love! 

==>> Click here to discover this top secret method (Your Link Here)

Imagine achieving something that your friends can only dream about!

In just 1 short week you could be toasting your new life! 

Make sure you do it now…

Before one of your friends gets there first!

Kind Regards,

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Subject: Do you want to know the best way to welcome abundance in your life?

Hi {!firstname_fix},

The best way to conquer permanent wealth...

Without spending months slaving away…

Or working for someone else…

Is to change the way you think and behave about money!

Seriously… when you stop chasing money and start welcoming abudance and prosperity in your life, you'll see instant changes happening!

Click the link below to find out more…

==>Best Way to Become Wealthy

This program is so amazing…

It shows you what to do and how every step of the way.

Before you know it….

You will be surrounded by abundance!

And then you can sit back and watch the dollars come rolling in.

==>Learn how to welcome permanent abundance here (YOUR LINK HERE……)

If you follow this amazing program…

In 14 days you will have changed your life for good!


Many have done it... And you can to!

Kind regards,

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 Subject: Change your life in a week... SERIOUSLY?!

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Yes I am being serious!!

Ana Terra, author of the Lotus Flower Method, has helped many people to overcome any life challenge and use their energy to create a life the've always wanted. And she swears by this top secret method!

If you follow her top secret method you too could become the master of your life. 

Click the link below to find out more about this top secret method

==> Learn How To Transform Your Life in 1 Week! (YOUR LINK HERE)

Imagine how great it is going to feel to conquer a lasting well being and happiness in your life! 

Just think for a moment…

...if you can start changing your life in one week…

...imagine how you'll be transformed by the end of the year...

Taking your projects out of scratch and creating your dream job!

==> Learn How To Transform Your Life in 1 Week!  NOW (YOUR LINK HERE)

This amazing program basically takes you from where you are to where you've always wanted to be... 

It’s so effortless…

You have to try it!

Kind Regards, 

Your Name

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